I am a PhD candidate in the School of Computer Science, UCD, under the supervision of Dr. David Lillis. My PhD research focuses on NLP for emergency response. In my spare time, I like coding stuff that I feel hard to get from the internet. Currently, I am a fan of my-field related big open source companies like AI2 and HuggingFace. There’s really much to learn from them! In addition, my interests include cooking, reading and non-fictional or fictional writing. More about me go to my résumé.

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*** 24/03/2020: Transfer report.



For anyone interested, below are recommended tools for mantaining a blog site. These are just so far personally thinking good choices. Let me know if you have better alternatives.

  1. What framework do you use for this blog site?

    I use jekyll. A quick start guide for building a Jekyll blog can be found here jekyll-now. Jekyll also provides easy ways for tracking the data flow of the site via Google Analytics and highlighting programming codes (with one or several lines of codes). If I feel I need to use more front-end GUI components in my blogs, I can easily intergrate the bootstrap package with the site as well.

  2. What drawing tool you use for blogging?

    I draw via draw.io and export graphs to svg files so that I can render the graphs as tensor images in my blogs. I also consider Google Slides some times.

  3. What tool do you use for equation annotation?

    I use both Mathpix and MathJax. The former helps me convert equations in screenshots to editable latex format. The latter helps display the equations correctly in all browsers.

  4. What do you do if want to cite graphs or tables from papers in the literature?

    I usually first crop the table/graph portions from the papers with some pdf tools such as pdfresizer. With the cropped pdf portions, I then convert them to svgs files after adding references so that I can use them as tensor images in my blogs. There are many online pdf2svg convertors such as ZAMZAR. I know this sounds a bit troublesome, so I am looking for better ways for citing tensor images from pdf files.

Github Activities

If the data is not coming out, because too many people viewed, github banned my crawler.

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